Anchor Bay

Haven's Anchorage, featuring Anchor Bay with 40-foot-high sea stack Quinliven Rock in the foreground and the marine layer (fog) visible just north of the bay

Double Rainbow over Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay, a small southern Mendocino County coastal village, lies in the heart of the "banana belt", because of it's unique microclimate; a warm column of air from inland spills over the protective coastal mountains, making the area warmer, with less fog and wind, than the surrounding areas. In the striking photo to the right by West of One, note the fog bank that blankets the coast just north of the curve of Fish Rock Beach.

History of Anchor Bay

The seclusion of this bay and Fish Rock Beach was enormously attractive to rumrunners during Prohibition. The long wind-protected white sand beach offers fishing, abalone and scuba diving, ocean kayaking, surfing, boogie boarding and skim boarding in season, sea lion and whale watching, beachcombing and tide pooling. Public access is through Anchor Bay Campground for a nominal access fee to use the beach or launch watercraft. Tent and RV camping is also available.

The town offers an old-fashioned village market that specializes in natural foods with a complete wine & beer emporium, an excellent family-friendly restaurant, Mexican restaurant, a few businesses and some good old-fashioned friendly atmosphere. Accommodations in Anchor Bay range from individual vacation rental cottages and homes, a dozen pristine housekeeping cabins, and two elegant bed & breakfast inns.