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We have a wide variety of music programming to suit any taste.  Classic rock, blues, oldies, alternative rock, jazz, R&B, soul, rockabilly, classical, Spanish, and community affairs.



Good News Guys 7a-8a
Solid Fuel Sounds 12p-4p
La Caja Musical 6p-9p

Good News Guys 7a-8a
Solid Fuel Sounds 12p-4p
Buttermilk Biscuit Blues 5p-7p

Good News Guys 7a-8a
High Tide Morning Show 8a-12p
Solid Fuel Sounds 12p-4p
Coastal Interviews 6p-7p

Good News Guys 7a-8a
High Tide Morning Show 8a-12p
Moon Tune Drive-In 6p-8p

Good News Guys 7a-8a
High Tide Morning Show 8a-12p
Friday Free Ride 2p-5p
Fun! Fun! Fun! With Frogman Joel 5p-7p
Eight To The Bar With Les Tarr 8p-11p

Lost Coast Country Classics 10a-12p
The Lost 45s 12p-2p
Floydian Slip 6p-7p
Saturday Night Train 7p-10p

Good News Show 8a-9a
Coastal Interviews 10a-11a
Sunday Morning Classical 11a-1p
Sunday Musical Journey 1p-5p
Commonwealth Club 6p-7p

Daily Features:
The Daily Dose With Doctor Oz
Why Didn't I Think Of That

About Our Programs:

The Good News Guys
Music And Memories Every Morning From 7-8!

High Tide Morning Show - with Andrew Duhl 
Classic Rock, Local News, Weather

Solid Fuel Sounds - with Phil Merrinan
The Notes You Need To Hear

The Buttermilk Biscuit Blues - with Michelle Peyroux Classic And Modern Blues

Coastal Interviews - with Fred Adler
Local Community Affairs

Saturday Night Train - with Fred Adler 
Classic Top 40 Hits From The 50's And 60's

La Caja Musical - with Alfredo Orozco
Traditional And Modern Tunes From South Of The Border

Eight To The Bar - with Les Tarr
Radioactive blues for the tragically hip and twisted, plus music and news from the local blues scene

Floydian Slip -
A weekly radio journey through the history of Pink Floyd

Moon Tune Drive-In
Songs And Dialogue From The Hey-Days Of Drive-In Movies, Trailers, And Ads For The Snack Bar

Friday Free Ride - with Andrew Duhl
Alternative, Indie, and Modern Rock

Fun! Fun! Fun! - with Frogman Joel
Classics From The 50's, 60's And 70's

Lost Coast Country Classics - with Andrew Duhl
Classic Country, pre-1989

The Lost 45s </span></a>
Songs and artists you thought you'd never hear again!

Sunday Good News Show - with Cathleen 
Inspirational Music With A Message

Sunday Morning Classical - with Fred Adler
Classical And Chamber Music From Bach To Vivaldi

Sunday Musical Journey - with Fred Adler
A Little Bit Of Everything

The Commonwealth Club Of California
The nation's longest running public affairs forum

The Daily Dose With Doctor Oz
Health and wellness advice from the world's best known TV doctor.  Every weekday at 10:35am

Why Didn't I Think Of That?
Celebrating inventors and
the entreprenurial spirit.  Weekday mornings at 6:35am

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