Sonoma Clean Power

About Sonoma Clean Power

Although we’ve been serving customers for over 2 years, sometimes we still hear that people don’t understand what Sonoma Clean Power does.

You may remember the illegal market manipulations by Enron and others, along with PG&E’s bankruptcy in the early 2000s, that caused energy prices to skyrocket.

That’s when California communities demanded legislation that would give them local, public control of their electricity supply. In 2002, Assembly Bill 117, the “Community Choice Aggregation Law,” was passed, allowing local governments to purchase electricity on behalf of their communities; creating a system of local control and accountability.

Today, community choice programs like Sonoma Clean Power are serving communities throughout California– by negotiating competitive pricing for electricity and providing a choice between the for-profit, investor-owned utilities (in our case, PG&E) – while also providing higher percentages of renewable energy from sources like solar, wind and geothermal, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help solve the climate crisis, and investing in the development of more local renewable energy projects, so that more of the renewable energy Sonoma & Mendocino Counties consume is made locally.

Once that electricity is generated, our customers pay PG&E to deliver it to their homes and businesses over PG&E’s poles and wires. So their employees continue to do what they do well – managing the grid infrastructure and maintaining reliability – and our shared customers benefit from more renewables, competitive prices and local investments.

Simply put, Sonoma Clean Power is doing what Sonoma & Mendocino Counties demanded: building a clean energy future and helping to inspire other communities throughout the state to do the same.

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