Arena Cove

The historic Point Arena Wharf (also known as Arena Cove) is a working harbor where commercial and private fishing boats unload their catch. Fishing without a license is allowed from the municipal pier. This area also offers deep sea fishing excursions, boating, shops, and restaurants and unique lodging. The cove is also is a popular surfing spot, considered among the best on the northern coast. Be aware of the traffic and other surfers and watch out for rock ledges. This is not a spot for beginners.

The cove also draws divers, who enter the water from boats or kayaks (there's no charge for the boat launch). Because of boat traffic, a dive flag comes in handy. Cove dive spots range from about 20 to 50 feet. Abalone, rockfish, and lingcod are among the sea creatures you'll find underwater.

Watch for migrating whales December through May.