Moat Creek Beach Trail

This trail, sometimes spelled "Mote Creek", was created by utilizing the lands covered by OTDs (offers to dedicate) created as a condition of approval for the Moat Creek Estates subdivision. The result is a 1.4 mile bluff top and access trail. The Moat Creek Managing Agency was able to get substantial help from the Coastal Conservancy and the Surfrider Foundation (Moat Creek beach is a good place to surf). What was so impressive about the trail was its human scale and the implicit sense of community it demonstrated. The members of the managing agency remain intimately involved with the trail, even after it has been built. When it needs mowing, they mow it. All the signage has been done by local artists. The bathroom is immaculately maintained, right down to the magazine selection on the table next to the commode. The obvious care being taken is reciprocated by the users—respect for the coast is translated into respect for the hard work being done.