Stornetta Public Lands

The 1,132 acre Stornetta Public Lands are located along the Mendocino County coastline just north of the town of Point Arena. They include over 2 miles of coastline, the estuary of the Garcia River and adjacent beach, and a small island accessible during low tide. Stornetta borders the Pacific Ocean and the historic Point Arena Lighthouse on the west. To the north it is bordered by Manchester State Park. To the east it is bordered by State Highway 1 and Windy Hollow County Road. Land ownership to the south includes a property formerly owned by the U.S. Coast Guard, which now belongs to Mendocino Community College, and another private parcel. The college site, known as the Loran Station, is used for college classes and as a marine research facility. The small island, Sea Lion Rocks, will become a portion of the California Coastal National Monument system.

The property is recognized by several state and federal agencies as containing significant natural resources, including important wildlife habitat, several riparian corridors, extensive wetlands, ponds and other water sources, cypress groves, meadows and sand dunes. Migratory waterfowl, shore birds, raptors, and several special status species may be found on the property. The Garcia River is prime Coho and Chinook salmon habitat, and is a key recovery area in recent Endangered Species Act listings.