Timber Cove

Location: About halfway between Windermere Point and Stillwater Cove
Mile Marker: SON 3534
Access: Shore or Boat. Small power boats can be put in the water using a cable hoist system.
Facilities: Boat Launch
Trailer Hookups
Hot Showers
Nearest Public Telephone: In the Timber Cove campground's office. An intercom is connected between the beach and office.

Timber Cove is a southwest facing cove that provides a protected entry on all but the "biggest" ocean days. It's high north wall provides most of the protection as well as an area where a few nice sized abalone can be found at relatively shallow depths (15'to 20'). However, Timber Cove's main claim to fame is its cable and pulley boat launching facility. There's nothing better between Bodega Bay and Point Arena for launching hard hull or inflatable boats up to 17' in length.

Access to Timber Cove is through a private campground that charges a tresspass fee for each person. If the boat launching facility is being used, the fee that is charged covers the launching and up to three individuals. Paddlecraft don't count as boats. With or without a boat to launch, the operator at Timber Cove provides a 4-wheel drive taxi service between the parking area along Highway 1 and the beach below. Climbing up from the beach to get your equipment hauled out can usually be avoided by summoning help using the beach to office intercom system. Assumming, of course, that it's working.