The Sea Ranch

The Sea Ranch is a rugged landscape, dotted with distinctive homes, that extends for about ten miles on either side of Highway One in coastal Sonoma County, California. The building design constitutes an architectural vernacular that is world-renowned. Its hallmark is the attempt to blend man-made structures with their natural setting, and to "live lightly on the land".

More Information About The Sea Ranch

While most of the acreage called The Sea Ranch is privately owned and managed, there are five Sea Ranch Coastal Access Trails to Beaches open to the public (with certain restrictions).

Public access trails to the ocean from designated parking areas near Highway #1 are identified by signs and street markings using a double wave as a logo. Besides the north end of TSR the bluff trail is not open to the public. The section that is open to the public extends from the Gualala Park to the north end of Walk-On Beach. Persons renting a vacation home on The Sea Ranch may use the facilities with proper identification.